Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'Rich and thick'

Mail diarist Ephraim Hardcastle, 14 June 2011:

The Queen doesn't have any horses running at Royal Ascot this week, but her new in-laws Carole and Michael Middleton are hoping they will.

They own a share in the highly-rated Sohraab, which is expected to race on Saturday. The horse is also part-owned by David Cameron's mother Mary and trained by the Middletons' good friend Hughie Morrison – son of one of Scotland's wealthiest landowners, the late Lord Margadale.

Morrison, 50, is endearingly nicknamed Ambrosia after the Devon-based pudding manufacturer which describes its produce as 'Rich and Thick'.

Mail diarist Ephraim Hardcastle, 27 September 2011:

My apologies to racehorse trainer Hugh Morrison for referring facetiously to him being ‘endearingly nicknamed Ambrosia’.

We accept this is quite untrue.

Sportingly he has asked me to make a donation to Racing Welfare.

My just desserts.


  1. To be fair the original column is the sort of general sideswipe at people the columnist doesn't appear to like that occurs in pretty much every paper in some form or another. The apology did give me a giggle, which I wasn't expecting! It becomes even funnier if you imagine John Cleese or Stephen Fry reading it...

  2. wierd thing to make up though...funny too, that they failed to explain the nickname in the apology..


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