Thursday, 22 September 2011

'We accept that she does not have cancer'

The following apology was published by the Daily Record in Scotland today. It is not currently available on their website:

Dr Helen McGlone

In our article of 29 April "I'm too skint to pay the bill for cancer", we reported that Dr Helen McGlone had "begged a judge for help as she cannot afford expensive radiology which could help her fight the disease."

Dr McGlone has asked us to make clear neither she, not her advocate, Andrew Smith QC, begged the court for help.

We accept that she does not have cancer and therefore does not require radiology treatment.

We are happy to make her position clear and offer her our apologies.

(Hat-tip to Scott)


  1. So, they got *all* the facts wrong? There are literally no correct parts to the original story. I bet they even spelt the poor woman's name wrong.

  2. It does make me wonder how exactly did this story (and such stories like it) come about. If no part of the story is true it cannot even be a `Chinese whispers' situation so who made it up?

  3. Having looked this up, I think there is an element of truth in the story in so far as she did, at one time, have cancer which was not diagnosed when it should have been, and a court case resulted. This was apparently not, however the court case described in the story, and happily Dr McGlone no longer has cancer (and probably doesn't appreciate people saying she does).


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