Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The dangers/benefits of 'wine with dinner'

Last week, the Daily Mail reported:

The article by Daniel Martin explained the 'deadly risk' of 'wine over dinner':

Couples who share a bottle of wine over dinner are putting their lives at risk, according to a report.

The middle classes are unwittingly becoming ‘risky drinkers’ by regularly having wine with their evening meal, significantly increasing their susceptibility to conditions such as cancer and stroke.

These ‘suburban tipplers’ rarely get drunk, never binge drink and are not heavily dependent on alcohol, but they are still putting their lives in jeopardy.

And because women’s alcohol tolerance is lower than men’s, they are at greater risk than their partner if they each drink half of a bottle of wine.

Today, just over one week later, the Mail reports something rather different:

Now the paper explains:

A glass or two of alcohol in middle age could help women enjoy a happy and healthy retirement.

Those in their 50s who regularly have a little wine with their dinner are more likely to be free of the ills of old age, from cancer to heart disease, than those who are teetotal or drink to excess.

So wine with dinner is, apparently, bad for the middle class, but good for the middle-aged.

Advice for people who are middle-aged and middle class will, presumably, follow next week...


  1. Please oh please let me copy that for Plymouth Buzz

    Northcliffe Media (local rag) are after my guts.....


  2. That puts me in mind of a story I heard when I was little of the devil not wishing even to share a meal with a man who blew hot and cold with the same breath.

  3. David - as long as everything is attributed, feel free.

  4. The Secret Behind Kate Winslet's Hourglass Figure. A glass of wine with dinner?

  5. Everything changes but you Daily Mail :)


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