Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Express' front page 'news' on Pippa

The tabloid obsession with Pippa Middleton continues. The Mail website recently reported the stunning news that she had gone to a nightclub with her boyfriend and, a few days later, that she had received a parking ticket.

Today the Sunday Express runs the front page headline 'Cheeky Pippa ejected from a pub!'

The headline, plus the fact it's on the front page, would suggest that Pippa Middleton has been thrown out of a pub.

But as the page three article by Camille Tominey makes clear, that's completely misleading:

Pippa Middleton's posterior has caused a rumpus in a historic market town and has been booted off a pub sign.

The Bedfordshire hostelry’s landlord was ordered to take it down and rehang the more stately head of Catherine of Aragon...

Regulars at The Queens Head were initially treated to a picture of Kate Middleton to mark the Royal Wedding in April. Then Richard Hammond, who runs the pub with his son Daniel, replaced it with her sister Pippa’s rear after it was pointed out that Kate wasn’t yet queen.

So Pippa wasn't actually 'ejected from a pub' but a photo of her bum has been removed from pub sign.

Hold that front page...


  1. A serious piece of journalism from a respected daily paper, as ever.

    Excuse me, but I just p###d myself laughing.....

    The funniest/scariest bit is people still buy this garbage and believe it without question.

  2. May be some can explain to me why she is newsworthy (apart from having a famous sister). Seriously so what. I could pick on any random person and come up similar stories. Does Pippa M court publicity? If not, can't get the police involved for harassment?

  3. Maybe I can help here.

    "why she is newsworthy (apart from having a famous sister)"
    Because she's "eye candy" with a famous sister.

    "can't get the police involved for harassment?" Of course not. That would infringe the "freedom of the press", and as we well know our great democracy relies on the latest celebrity tittle-tattle.


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