Thursday, 15 September 2011

Star's latest 'exclusive'

Thursday's Daily Star claimed to have an 'exclusive' on its front page. It certainly was an 'exclusive' in the sense that no other paper carried the 'story'. But can they really claim it's an 'exclusive' when what they are describing didn't actually happen?:

'When Paddy groped Sally!' See what they did there? If only the large photo didn't completely discredit the claim in the headline.

In the blurb under the 'exclusive' claim, the Star even admits Paddy Doherty only:

appeared to make a grab for his BB bosom buddy. 

'Appeared to' - but didn't really.

Sally Bercow - who now writes a column for the Daily Star Sunday - said on Twitter that the front page was 'hilarious nonsense'.

She was half right.

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