Friday, 1 October 2010

Four years after apologising, the Sun admits it has got it wrong again

The Sun's latest clarification on Egon von Bulow:

On 6 & 19 March 2010 we published articles on the release of Egon Von Bulow, 63, after serving 36 years for the murder of a policeman.

They contained allegations we previously accepted were wrong when first published in 2006. We would like to make clear Mr Von Bulow was never held in a psychiatric unit and never met or tried to kill Moors Murderer Ian Brady. We should also have made clear he denies an obsession with Nazis and there is no evidence on the 1974 court file to this effect. We also accept he was never called the 'Jackboot Killer' and his Parole Board assessment prior to release specifically found no evidence of a severe personality disorder as we alleged.

We apologise for these errors and their further publication. We also regret that the 2006 article in which some of these errors first appeared remained on our website until this year.

(via @dnotice)


  1. Do they ever have to explain why they make such stupid mistakes? The apologies are pretty worthless when their working practices never change.

  2. It would be interesting to know what they got right.

  3. That's a stunning example of immoral and shocking 'journalism'.

  4. Even more intriguing is today's Daily Mail apology. Not tucked away at the bottom of page 76, but for the whole day it's been in the Editor's Six of the Best !

    I wonder - what did the lawyers threatened in order to get than exposure? Or is this a new policy by the DM?

  5. "I would like to apologise for accusing you of being a psychotic schizophrenic with a morbid nazi obsession but we thought you were a convict and therefore fair game (for fair game read- *unable to defend yourself*)"

    What a pack of lying, miserable expletives.


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