Saturday 2 October 2010


Here's the latest article from 'Daily Mail Reporter' pointing out some totally imagined flaw in a celeb:

It says:

It could well be a trick of the light, combined with an unflattering outfit choice.

But the usually immaculate Katy Perry was looking a little curvier than usual during a concert in Budapest, Hungary, last night.

The 25-year-old star took to the stage in a skin-tight silver rubber dress, which clung in all the wrong place.

With the material buckling around the waist, the figure-hugging design even gave the impression of a protruding belly.

Usually Katy looks a million dollars, but apparently even she has her off days.

Girth. Protruding belly. Off day.

Here's the picture the Mail uses as 'evidence':

'Girth' indeed. Another side-on pic shows absolutely no evidence of a 'protruding belly' (not that it would matter if it did).

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of the people leaving comments are scathing of the Mail's irresponsible line:

(Angry Mob has posted on a similar Mail article, about Pierce Brosnan's 'burgeoning belly'.)

UPDATE: Twelve hours after publication, and following well over 200 extremely critical comments, the words 'protruding belly' have been removed from the article. It was this:

But is now this:

* On a similar theme, it's well worth reading Anton Vowl's post from last week called The Mail, Laura Robson and Cher Lloyd.


  1. Even if she was fat, which she in no way is, so what!?!?

    If you find celebrity weight-gain to be interesting you need a life.
    People who are bothered about someone putting on a few pounds are no doubt jealous of the persons figure in the first place.

  2. This story was only 'created' because of Russell Brands attack on the Faily Mail and Paul Dacre in his extended interview with Paxman which is found below. He begins his rant about the Mail about 10:50 in and continues pretty much until the end.

    I believe that had this clip not been on the BBC site then the Mail would not have totally scraped this complete non-story out of thier barrel. To suggest Katy Perry (Brands partner) is in any way fat is complete bollocks, no idea how the person who wrote this article can be taken seriously!

    Had it not been for the rant then these pictures would never have seen the light of day, or would have just become usual stock pictures for some other nonsense story slagging her off in the future.

  3. Regarding the side on picture, a few comments talk about her 'saggy breasts'. It's pretty obvious she is jumping around and gravity is playing a rather large role in that. People are effing stupid.

  4. I'm just surprised they didn't use the imaginary protruding belly as "evidence" of an imaginary pregnancy/


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