Friday 1 October 2010

Mail says apology is one of their best articles of the day

Given the way newspapers often try to bury corrections, it was suprising to see the Mail listing an apology as one of their 'Editor's Six of the Best' today:

Here's the grovel:

Louis Bacon and Moore Capital - an apology

In an article ‘A hedge fund Godfather…’ of September 4 2010, we suggested that Mr Bacon was complicit in unethical behaviour within his hedge fund business, Moore Capital, and elsewhere, and as a result he is not the kind of person, and Moore Capital not the kind of business, that the Conservative Party should consider accepting financial donations from.

We are happy to confirm for the record that there is no substance whatsoever to the suggestion that Mr Bacon or Moore Capital are guilty of any unethical behaviour, and we retract any suggestion that legitimate political parties should shy away from them.

We apologise for the embarrassment and any damage caused to Mr Bacon and Moore Capital.

Hat-tip to Tepid Halibut (who asks if this is new Mail policy, or a response to a legal threat) for the spot.


  1. Wow. Whichever it is, I'm suitably shocked and stunned.

  2. user@example.com1 October 2010 at 21:17

    Now they can point to this when people accuse them of burying apologies. Note that it's an apology to a rich guy with a name so properly british it's been accused of writing shakespeare.

  3. maybe these people are donating a lot to the Tories and the Mail wants to prevent significant damage to the party /cynical

  4. I don't begrudge Mr Bacon the prominence of his apology, I just wish that this was standard practice and not a response to his, presumed, cash and connections.


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