Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Mail website and 'sleazy pics'

The Mail's celebrity-and-sex-obsessed website is currently running this story:

The Daily Mail Reporter article begins:

Courtney Love has always been provocative but she has taken it too far by posting pictures of herself half naked on Twitter.

The shocking photos show the 46-year-old singer posing in just underwear with her hands covering her breasts.

In another photo she wears tights and knickers but no skirt as she bends over near a mirror.

This is followed by the two 'shocking', 'sleazy' pics in question. Just so you can see for yourself how she has 'taken it too far'. Sigh.

However, the Mail has managed to squeeze yet another story from a photo that someone famous has posted on Twitter, and have tried (but failed) to take the moral high ground over a so-called 'sleazy' pic that they are only too happy to publish.


  1. I think whatever teaboy/girl wrote today's copy, they actually mean 'shameless', not 'shameful'.

  2. They seem to have been very slack in the Mail's newsroom today. In the Mac cartoon they even managed to spell the Chacellor's name wrong, unless they deliberately put the 'U' in his surname to tell him he will soon be making a 'U'turn on child benefit.


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