Friday, 29 October 2010

Shocking. Look!

The Mail website is trying to act shocked over a new perfume advert starring Christina Aguilera:

Over the top. Pushing the boundaries of deceny. Soft-porn style:

It's supposed to be an advertisement for her new fragrance Royal Desire.

But the commercial for Christina Aguilera's latest perfume looks more like a low budget soft-porn film as the newly-single pop star shows off her curvaceous figure.

Showcasing her ample cleavage in a very low cut dress and writhing in a chair in ecstasy as she sprays the perfume across her chest, the singer's ad may be a bit too risque for her younger fans.

But it's not too risque for her, ahem, older fans working at the Mail.

The accompanying article - little more than free publicity for the scent - contains no news content but does include six stills from the sixteen-second advert and, at the end, they even embed the not-at-all boundary-pushing video:

Mary in Belfast sums up the Mail's over-reaction perfectly:

(Hat-tip Press Not Sorry)


  1. "Daily Mail Reporter" really does get stuck with a lot of crap stories. Imagine studying journalism at university (which the Mail is probably against anyway as it doesn't like students) and being stuck writing about Christina Aguilera's adverts or Katy Perry's cleavage!

    It's a wonder they don't go on strike and demand some proper stories to mislead readers about!

  2. In fairness, if I had the option to focus my career on Katy Perry's cleavage, I'd take it.


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