Monday, 18 October 2010

Woman dyes hair

At one stage today, the Mail website homepage contained eleven 'stories' about The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. In total, they have published 13 articles about these two shows just today, some of which were spread over pages 10 and 11 of the newspaper.

(By contrast, the Mail has not produced one single article about the death of Jimmy Mubenga, despite their usual obsession with immigration issues.)

But in the 'pointless-stories-giving-free-publicity-to-TV-shows' stakes, Saturday's Sun will take some beating. They went with 'woman dyes hair, prepares for TV show':

Even Sky News presenter Matt Smith was unimpressed. He said, with a sigh:

Yes, that's really on the front of the Sun.


  1. Maybe it's as well the Mail hasn't covered the Jimmy Mubenga story. Can you imagine how horrific the comments would be?


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