Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gaunt defends white blonde immigrant; makes racist claims about others

Jon Gaunt's latest diatribe is another against 'every Tom, Dick and Abdul' (how many more times does he have to use this feeble Littlejohn-like 'joke'?).

He's on his high horse. A woman has arrived in Britain without the proper papers, so she was detained for 11 hours and then put on a plane home. Gaunty was delighted.

Except he wasn't. Take a look at the woman in question and see if you can guess why...

Yes, she's young, blonde, female and white.

But does she even need a visa? According to the UK in Australia (FCO) site:

Most Australian citizens visiting the United Kingdom for a holiday or short business trip do not need a visa provided they meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

Since he claims she was only here for a friends wedding, it appears there is a bit more to this story than Gaunty suggests. Imagine that. But even if not, it's still striking double standards based solely on skin colour. And he's not done yet.

He goes on to claim illegal immigrants - all those Abdul's - only come to this country for 'a lifetime of hot and cold running benefits' without apparently knowing illegal immigrants would of course get no such thing. Because they're illegal immigrants.

He goes on: 'those in control of immigration (I use the term very loosely) would rather let in those who want to leech off us at best and preach hatred at worst'. So there it is - the two options which, in Gaunty's world, encapsulate the motives of all immigrants. To claim the best thing immigrants do is 'leech of us' is insidious racism and, as it's an opinion piece aimed at a group, there's not the slightest thing the Press Complaints Commission could do about it.

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  1. I am fed up with comments such as these making heroes out of illegal immigrants--they are NOT --they are just CHEATS AND SCOUNDRELS WHO ARE FULL OF DIRTY DRIVEL--if they are refugees they should apply in the first safe country and at least have some documentation.
    Why doesn't tabloid watch check out the development of ghettoes all over Europe because illegal immigration has been going on unchecked! What do you want a repeat of the riots that took place in France!? or more hotheads retaliating and taking the law in their own hands as has happened in Italy!?
    Wake up talboid watch --the MEP elections saw a shift to the far right. Do not continue to sow the seeds of resentment, hatred and new fascism with such one sided arguments. Let us all work for the control of immigration, the granting of asylum to those who only deserve it and the vigilant watch against illegal economic migrants who wrongfully think our streets are paved with gold! Anything else is a crash course into a one big conflct which the EU would have never envisaged in its attempts to keep the peace. it avoided wars between its own countries and it could end up embroiled in conflicts created by non-European opportunists, or even refugees who do not want to integrate, people who in themselves are an INSULT to refugees. And keeping the peace does not mean appeasing people who are illegal, unwanted and unwelcome.


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