Friday, 15 May 2009

Mail not being sued...sadly

Jonathan Ross is, apparently, suing over a story headlined: 'Daniel Craig leaves 'desperate' Jonathan Ross shaken and stirred', which was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 11 January and online.

The article claimed - entirely falsely, as it turned out - guests were reluctant to appear on his chat show after his Sachsgate suspension.

The Mail, in its anti-Ross frenzy, repeated the story on 13 January:
No doubt this was heavily borrowed from the original. It included this gem:

'It has emerged that Tom Cruise, who has been lined up for Ross's comeback on January 23, is having 'second thoughts' - specifically because of the Sachs scandal.

'Cruise will be in London to promote his latest film when the BBC show comes back, but a source close to him said: 'Tom was not aware that Ross had been suspended because of his behaviour.

''Now that Tom has been told about the phone calls he is having second thoughts. He does not want to be involved in any controversy.'

'Other celebrities are said to be fed up with the irreverent way they have been treated by Ross when they have been interviewed by him'.

It almost goes without saying, Tom Cruise did appear on Ross' first show back. So when will the Mail remove its version...

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