Friday, 8 May 2009

Mail's obsession with Jonathan Ross continues

The release of the latest Rajar radio figures has given the Mail opportunity to crow over the fact that Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show has lost 360,000 listeners since 2008.

'The desertion of almost a tenth of his audience will be linked by many to his lewd calls to veteran actor Andrew Sachs,' writes Jo Clements. Many at the Mail that is.

But Ross is still getting 3.03million listeners, so it's hardly as if everyone has turned off in disgust. And Terry Wogan's show has lost around 330,000 listeners over the same period but there's no headline article highlighting that drop.

Given that Andrew Sachs was quoted in an interview last weekend thanking Ross and Brand for the boost the 'Sachsgate' affair gave to his career ('I came out of it very well … my profile's up. Great! They did me good. Thank you very much'), isn't it time the Mail dropped it?

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