Monday, 25 May 2009

Mail's weight-watch continues (cont...)

Another day, another load of female celebrities having their body shape analysed by the Mail.

'Woman eats chocolate cake' surely isn't newsworthy, no matter who the woman is. But the Mail website thinks it is when it's Angelina Jolie. The tone is along the lines of - look at the 'slim and slight...frequently branded underweight' movie star EATING CHOCOLATE CAKE. Look! Look at her now!

Of course you could read it as the Mail saying - look, you can eat chocolate cake and still be 'slim'. But frankly, isn't making a big fuss out of someone eating chocolate cake - currently their fifth biggest picture story - more likely to make it seem something that is worthy of comment or not quite right?

Lower down the page, the Mail have published some pap snaps of Pamela Anderson in a bikini on a beach. Mail Editor-in-Chief Paul Dacre was obviously a big fan of Baywatch because the story is effusive - calling her 'Mailbu Barbie', 'flaunt[ing] her famous curves' and her 'slender legs, bronze tan, and toned tum'.

More worryingly considering all the plastic surgery she has had, the Mail says she has a 'body to die for'. Is the Mail suddenly a fan of enormous fake boobs? Do they really consider this a 'body to die for,' something that should be aspired to by all women?

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