Friday, 29 May 2009

Mail goes back to Luton

More Muslim updates in the Mail, this time further developments in Luton. They are reporting that after Friday prayers, a group of 200 Muslims challenged the twelve men who disrupted the soldier's parade a few months ago.

The Mail and other tabloids have long asked the Muslim community to stand up to extremists. Now they have, and it's nice to see the Mail acknowledge that. They quote Farasat Latif, of the Islamic Centre in Luton, who said:

'We have been fighting these Muslim extremists for you. They represent nobody but themselves. The community decided to move them on because the police won't. We have asked them, but they did nothing. I don't know if they will be back. We have been the victims twice over - from the stupidity of Muslim extremists who metaphorically pour petrol and fan the flames of the right wing extremists. This was a peaceful demonstration and we hope they get the message that the law-abiding community is sick and tired of them.'

The Mail - and other papers - should be delighted. We will see how the others report it, if they bother to at all, as it shows Muslim's demonstrating against Muslim extremists. But the Mail is still rather grudging - they give Sunday's events another mention, but explain that it was 'disrupted by white, right-wing extremists'. 'Disrupted by'? Surely 'organised by' is what they mean?

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