Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Money for old rope

Mail Editor Paul Dacre received a pay and benefits package of £1,635,000 this year.

That's a £14,000 increase on 2008.

That's also nearly eight-and-a-half times what the Prime Minister is paid.

Question for Mail columnist Melanie Phillips - does she believe Dacre is worth that much more than the PM? If not, is she going to write a column criticising that level of pay?

The Mail prints Littlejohn, Platell, Moir, Jones, Pearson and Phillips. It writes lies about immigration, Islam, political correctness, health and safety, and health. It's small minded, intolerant, racist, homophobic. It is obsessed with Suri Cruise, wheelie bins, Kim Kardashian and pointless attacks on the BBC. It has published the most complained-about article in British newspaper history.

And someone, somewhere thinks the man responsible for all that is worth £1,635,000 per year.



  1. And indeed exactly how much does the lovely Ms Phillips get paid for giving us the benefits of her insights? I rather suspect more than most public sector bosses with real accountability. Still can't spoil a good rant from a bigot can we?

  2. Melanie Phillips never fails to remind me why I am a left leaning bleeding heart liberal. for that, I thank her.

    But more importantly how longer can Dacre remain as Chair of the PCC whilst being the editor of The Daily Mail and having as you correctly argue "published the most complained-about article in British newspaper history."?

  3. Thanks Reg, but just to clarify - Dacre is not Chair of the PCC, Baroness Buscombe is.

    Dacre is Chair of the Committee that overseas the Code that the PCC polices.

    He's still a overpaid hypocrite though.


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