Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mail admires 'pretty' 11-year-old with 'innocent smile'

After a series of decidedly creepy articles about the pre-school-age Suri Cruise and the picture of a fourteen-year-old's bum, the Mail is at it again, with the groundbreaking revelation that someone who is now 25 was once 11:

Now, there's nothing wrong with Perry putting a pic of her younger self on Twitter - the same evil Twitter the Mail seems to get lots of stories from.

But there's plenty wrong with the Mail using the picture and referring to her as a:

pretty, wide-eyed little girl

with an

innocent smile

and noting

My, hasn't she grown!

And all that is just above a very sexualised recent pic of Perry showing lots of cleavage and with her tongue out - a snap they first used a few days ago. It's all a bit weird.

Their colleagues at the Metro also go overboard in their descriptions:

Who is this wide-eyed, fresh-faced little lady? Surely not one of today's naughtiest pop sirens?

And then:

Who would have thought that this fresh-faced little princess would grow up to become a multi-platinum-selling pop vixen

And just in case you haven't go the picture:

who could have known that this angelic little lady would mature into the sexy saucepot

This juxtaposing of a child and a sexualised adult is troubling and, as with the Suri articles, it's not immediately obvious why they continually use this curious and inappropriate tone and language.

As Tracy Morter noted on Twitter, the Mail appears to be increasingly resembling 'some dodgy uncle with a bag of Werther's'.

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  1. "The young Katy Hudson, who would grow up to become... Kate Perry"

    The Metro also manages to get her first name wrong while cheesily transforming her into an adult.


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