Thursday, 24 December 2009

Off to enjoy Winterval (because, apparently, you can't call it Christmas any more...)

Hello everyone.

Tabloid Watch is taking a short break for Christmas and New Year.

This blog has been going almost exactly ten months and has grown beyond expectation in that time. I would like to thank everyone who has read a post, left a comment, emailed a tip, offered support and praise, passed on a link, or re-tweeted my thoughts. It really is very much appreciated.

Comment moderation has been switched on while I am away.

The most popular post of the year has been the one about Richard Littlejohn thinking dogs were humans. It seems people enjoy reading about Littlejohn making a fool of himself...

On the subject of Littlejohn, here's an article from Rob Sharp in the Independent about Health and Safety/'PC gone mad' myths. It seems so (sadly) appropriate after the last few days.

Have a good one.


  1. The break is well deserved. The stress of reading the tabloids can't be doing your heart much good!

    And this'll piss off the Mail crowd, so have a Happy Holidays!

  2. you too.Merry christmas sorry winterval.

  3. Season's greetings to you, and a big thank you to you for this fun and important blog. Hope you're able to keep up the great work in the new year.

  4. Season's greetings, happy holidays and other non-denominational pleasantries! Keep up the fine work in 2010, and don't ever stop, because the tabs certainly won't.

  5. Just to say, I read this blog every time twitter tells me you've updated :)

    Normally gives me and my boyfriend a couple of minutes of giggling, or despair at newspapers, either way we both love what it is you do and much appresiate it <3

    Have a good new year!

  6. Please keep up the good work and thank you for exposing the tabloids.


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