Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Abu Hamza and the taps of doom

A day after the Sun revealed that Abu Hamza has had new taps fitted in his prison cell - on account of his hook-hand - the Mail has gone further.

Apparently, these evil taps are all part of a plumbing conspiracy to spread hate!

Even the headline Hate preacher Abu Hamza secretly gives lectures on Islam... through the water pipes of his prison cell doesn't sound right.

Journalist Rebecca Camber writes:

Hate preacher Abu Hamza is delivering extremist sermons to prisoners through the water pipes of his cell, it has been claimed.

The Muslim cleric is defying a preaching ban imposed by prison bosses to radicalise inmates.

He is able to give his lectures through the plumbing that connects to neighbouring cells in Belmarsh Prison.

And the source for this? Well, it's almost in a new report from the Quilliam Foundation. On page 46, the report mentions Hani al-Sibai, who is described as running:

a popular pro-jihadist website

and quotes him as writing:

‘For the purpose of teaching the youth in the adjacent cells Sheikh Abu Hamza has had to resort to reciting the Quran through the pipes that link the cells – which is a tiresome procedure!’

This post was written in April 2009 so for the Mail to talk about this happening in the present is more than likely guesswork.

More importantly, the Mail has taken the phrase 'reciting the Quran' and turned it into 'delivering extremist sermons' as if they're the same thing. Which to the Mail they probably are.

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