Thursday, 19 November 2009

Richard Kay should stop writing about the Aga Khan

Two months ago, Mail diarist Richard Kay - who seems to spend his time revealing gossip about rich people most of us haven't heard of - apologised to Prince Hussain Aga Khan for a story that was seven years out of date:

My story of January 2 suggested that Prince Hussain Aga Khan had added a spare room to his house "despite the credit crunch". In fact, the renovation work took place between 2001 and 2002. Prince Hussain has also asked me to point out that his wife is also not a psychologist, as has been reported. My apologies for the errors.

Then last month (although this has only just been put on the PCC website), another Richard Kay apology for another Aga Khan story:

In an item on May 4, I reported that two boats owned by the Aga Khan, including the Destriero, which broke the transatlantic speed record, had been moved from Plymouth to a German boatyard for anticipated multimillion-pound refits.

I am now told there are no current plans or contracts for the refit of Destriero and that the other vessel has been decommissioned and no longer exists.

I apologise for creating any incorrect impression.

'Creating any incorrect impression'? That an interesting way of saying 'making up stuff'.

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