Friday, 6 November 2009

From the 'world's greatest newspaper': a front page about tea

When it could be reporting on the Fort Hood shootings or a speech by the Prime Minister on Afghanistan or any other really important news story, the - ahem - 'vastly improved standards of writing' at the Express are put to use with a front page about tea being good for you:

Plus - a lot of cut-price junk.

It's almost beyond parody now.


  1. Words actually escape me. I'm trying to picture them as they make the decision to go with the story about tea instead of, you know, ANYthing else.

  2. tou can just see the meeting at 'the worlds greatest newspaper' hq about font pages can't you:

    editor: what are we doing our front page story on?
    editor: ah tea brilliant, i lke mine with two sugars.brilliant front page again reporter.
    reporter; thank you, i came up with exercise one aswell.
    editor; you're a credit to the propreitors you are.

    or something like that.Whats their next headline breathing makes you live longer?

  3. The tone of the title of your post makes me laugh heartily.

  4. And is that DVD Player actually "worth £90" ? I very much doubt it. Is the Express bending the truth again?


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