Friday, 13 November 2009

Can a Sun columnist really complain about the 'early sexualisation of young girls'?

Last week, Nadia Saint commented on a Jane Moore column about 'the early sexualisation of young girls', in a paper where 'Rosie, 18, from Middlesex' is a Page 3 regular. But look at what the Sun say about Rosie:

If she is 18 now, and made her 'debut' nearly sixteen months ago, she must have been 17 then. Yet the 2003 Sexual Offences Act raised the legal age for topless modelling from 16 to 18.

So either the Sun broke the law then, or it is lying about Rosie's age now in order to make her seem younger than she actually is.

Which doesn't look good either way.

And for Moore to happily take the Murdoch shilling and then criticise the 'sexualisation of young girls' makes her seem a bit of a hypocrite.

But you get a lot of hypocrisy at The Sun these days...

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