Friday, 13 November 2009

Recommended reads

An interesting article from Greg Mitchell about media coverage of the Fort Hood killings. When the Times used the headline The mother who brought down the Fort Hood killer, Roy Greenslade wrote:

I really thought we had got beyond the stage of describing women in such terms.

Now it appears that Sgt Mark Todd, not Kimberly Munley, may have been the person who actually shot Maj Hasan, thus stopping his rampage. Mitchell asks:

Just coincidence that a white woman got the credit over a black male?

Elsewhere, following on from the Express' bizarre front page about tea, where research funded by the Tea Council came to the staggering conclusion that tea is good for you, Nadia spotted a similar story in the Telegraph about eggs. Turns out, British Lion Eggs are saying eggs keep women trim. Must be true then.

Nadia has also mentioned a grotesque request from the Daily Mail for 10-14 year olds with body hang-ups to get in touch for a feature. This from the same paper that just a few days ago was - as Angry Mob pointed out - snidely remarking that Beth Ditto is not stick thin. And is always making fun of people if they are either too thin or too fat.

Also at Angry Mob, Uponnothing highlights that last week, Littlejohn used two of his favourite devices again - comparing events to a TV show, and the 'hilarious' imaginary conversation. He really is worth every penny.

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