Saturday, 14 November 2009

All we care about is how a singer looks, not how they sound

Alexandra Burke, winner of last year's X Factor, has switched on Manchester's Christmas lights. The Mail, always keen to report on totally unimportant and uninteresting sleb gossip, is on the case. But rather than Daily Mail Reporter, we have a named journalist - Chris Johnson - writing the article. He begins:

Alexandra Burke certainly knows how to please a crowd.

Oh so she sang well then?

The X Factor winner dazzled during a live performance in a tiny little black dress which showed off her incredibly long legs.

OK, but how was her singing?

She was in Manchester to turn on the city's Christmas lights - but despite plunging temperatures the singer braved the chill in the revealing outfit.

In fact, there isn't a single mention of what she sang or how well she sang it. But they do include an upskirt photo, of the type more often found on the front of the Daily Sport.

And inevitably, the (moderated) comments are mostly about her looks too:

she is the ugliest winner yet, in my opinion and is distracting us with her legs.
- bob, wirral, 14/11/2009 8:53

They are not never-ending legs, someone like Gisele has perfect legs, these are stumpy and chubby, put them away love!!!
- Alycia Channelle, London, 14/11/2009 0:36

- kriss, fort william, 13/11/2009 23:43

She has horrible legs, too muscly.
- Kate J., london, 13/11/2009 23:22

she looks a bit like a man in drag!
- ?, ?, 13/11/2009 20:31

not flattering at all. she's not got the face or body for the entertainment industry.
- roleen, hertfordshire, 13/11/2009 20:25

Why do so many people feel the need to leave comments like these? And why do the mods feel the need to publish such nasty and unbelievably inane comments?

Especially that last comment from 'Roleen'. Talent doesn't matter - it's only about how the face and body looks. But is that any surprise when that is all the Mail ever focuses on?

One other comment says:

Thought she was supposed to sing. Silly me.
- Keith Spencer, Derby, 14/11/2009 7:47

She is singing. The mic in her hand is a bit of a giveaway. But Keith, like Johnson and the Mail and many, many others are only interested in judging her on how she looks, not on what she's doing.

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