Sunday, 1 November 2009

Actress in bikini gets Mail's attention (shock)

The Mail website's latest news-free picture story of a famous woman in a bikini comes in the form of Christina Ricci shows off new boyfriend and a stunning bikini body on Miami Beach minibreak.

Ricci, apparently, 'stunned fellow beachgoers' as she 'flaunted a fantastic figure' notes Daily Mail Reporter before leeringly observing 'she was forced to readjust her bikini top as she stepped out of the surf.'

Her body is described as 'stunning' and 'enviably thin' just to reinforce the impression the Mail thinks very thin is the only 'enviable' body shape.

But could this be the same 'stunning' body as the one they said was covered in 'tacky tattoos' a year ago?

And the same 'stunning' body that they tried to make was underweight when they referred to her 'increasingly thin frame' in an article with several references to Ricci's eating disorders?

Becasue her body shape and size looks much the same in all three articles.

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