Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mail now looks silly after attack on BBC's spelling

The Mail on Sunday has relished attacking the BBC - yet again - for a spelling mistake on last Wednesday's News at Ten.

The error over spelling 'damning' as 'damming' was noted on Thursday, so it does seem odd to mention it several days later. Or maybe not, given the Mail's utterly obsessive anti-BBC agenda. Tom Harper's report was headlined: Here is the news: the BBC is no damm good at spelling.

The problem is, when you pick on other people for their spelling and/or grammar, you really should make sure your own is up to scratch.

But the Mail website's report on the latest X Factor contains this barely intelligible sentence:

So 'her' becomes 'his' and 'send home' becomes 'save home'.

And then there is:

And, er this:

Here is the news: the Mail now looks a bit stupid.


  1. I love reading your blog and totally agree, but this is the beauty of irony (direct quote):

    you really should make sure you own is up to scratch.

  2. I knew that would happen! That's what happens when you post late at night.

    The Mail, incidentally, have now corrected those four errors.


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