Saturday, 4 June 2011

Breaking news from the Mail website

MailOnline is the second most visited newspaper website in the world.

And why not - after all, this is the website that, today, brings the world such incredible news as 'woman takes off shoes':

and, err, 'woman takes off shoes':

In the words of MailOnline chief Martin Clarke:

News is far more important to us that showbiz. News is what drives our site.


  1. Four shoes taken off by women in a matter of days. What is this world coming to?

    The last government's podiatric malfeasance is surely to blame. Something must be done.

  2. It's easy to sneer, but these stories have been taken out of context. To understand them properly you need to be a regular visitor to the Daily Mail's 'pointless and sometimes nasty trivia about some woman or other, possibly even a so-called 'celebrity', that you've never heard of' sidebar

  3. "No high heels required"? Are they confusing Jessie J with Phil Collins?


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