Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Star calls 'visit to estate agent' a 'sexy girlie romp'

Today's Daily Star front page says:

That's 'Ryan Giggs: Imogen's £1m babe spree - Sexy girlie romp for lover'. Got that?

As The Media Blog commented last night, it's hard to know what this actually means as it's 'just a series of tabloid buzz words'. (In response, one person suggested Thomas had bought £1m-worth of talking pigs...)

Here's Aaron Tinney's article:

Sex-gag beauty Imogen Thomas is looking like a million bucks.

Ex-Big Brother babe Imogen Thomas has shot into a different league since the Ryan Giggs storm erupted.

OK...but what's the story?

And she showed off her latest bling yesterday as she shopped around for a new pad in an area where flats start at nearly £1million.

The glamour girl spent the day draped in designer clobber worth thousands as she nipped around in a sleek Mercedes costing over £32,000.

She drove the silver SLK 200 to Greene & Co, one of London’s poshest estate agents.

The office is in Notting Hill where a two-bed apartment will set you back at least £900,000.

The Star labels this an 'exclusive' and said this happened 'yesterday'. Which is odd, considering the Mail website published the photos they had bought from two different picture agencies of Thomas leaving Greene & Co on Monday night.

The Mail claimed two-bedroom flats there will cost £884,000. The Star's article says £900,000. The front page then rounds it up to £1m.

The Star goes on to explain more of Thomas' fascinating exploits on Monday:

Then it was back to her North London pad, where she changed into another outfit with Christian Louboutin heels worth around £700 before heading out again in the Merc.

Hold the front page for 'woman goes out, goes home, goes out again'.

These pictures were published by the Mail yesterday. Yet the Star goes on to quote an anonymous 'onlooker':

One onlooker said: “She looked exactly like a WAG with the shades, crocodile bag and fancy shoes.

“But she gets to live a WAG lifestyle without the bother of being married to a footballer.

“She looks like she’s got it made.”

Given the Star have taken the whole story from articles on the Mail website, how can they have interviewed this 'onlooker'? Or is this onlooker someone in the Star's newsroom?

But what about that front page headline? 'Imogen's £1m babe spree' means 'Imogen might be looking to buy a flat worth less than £1m'.

And 'sexy girlie romp' - according to the Star - means 'visited an estate agent'.

Once again, the Star uses totally misleading front page headlines to sell papers.


  1. It's all I can do to laugh at them these days.

  2. Blimey, all those visits to estate agents and exchanging fruitless emails with solicitors a year ago and all this time I was having a sexy romp. I had no idea.

  3. Babe Spree? What the fuck?

  4. What does it have to do with Ryan Giggs?

  5. Bizarre stuff, even by the barrel-scraping standards of these things.

  6. Can we confirm that she was wearing that bikini when she went in to the estate agents?

    Seriously, they just put one or more of these words on the front cover:
    Big Bro
    Jordan/Katie Price/Peter Andre
    Cherly Cole/Simon Cowell/X factor/BGT

    And then just slap on a free offer for something pointless or some silly voucher collection scheme and then BAM, it goes to print.

    I'm not sure what's worse, the journalistic standards or the fact that it sells.

  7. So Ryan Giggs had nothing to do with it at all, despite his name being in massive letters on the front page....

    What a load of meaningless drivel. Who buys this crap? Seriously, who?

  8. Is life now imitating parody, and they are using a random headline generator??

  9. I always wonder what they make up first. The stories or the headlines.

  10. i think my fave bit was 'sex-gag'




    Is on the front page of the star today, with a picture of a non-pregnant looking woman.

    They must be using him and his non-story to tide their front pages over until the new Big Brother starts on their glorious mother channel.

  12. "I always wonder what they make up first. The stories or the headlines."

    They sit in two rooms, one team makes up stories, the other makes up headlines then they swap roles at lunch time and just before going to print they play a big game of match up...and thus a daily star is born.

  13. Given their recent (based on a joke she made on Twitter) "Imogen: Sex with Giggs turned me lesbian" headline, I wonder if "babe spree" and "girlie romp" are meant to imply similar, to lure in "readers" hoping for some titillation...

    What a shame to disappoint them with a mere visit to an estate agent :)


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