Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mail website apologises for incorrect caption

The Mail website published this apology to Michael Mates on 21 June:

An article published on MailOnline on 2 July 2010 included a photograph of former MP Mr Michael Mates which was wrongly captioned “Downfall: Former Tory Northern Ireland Secretary was forced to resign after he was paid cash for House questions”. We would like to clarity [sic] that Mr Mates was not forced to resign and nor was he paid cash for House questions. We apologise to Mr Mates.


  1. So.....Completely,100% made-up then? The Mail prints more apologies than stories.

  2. They took their time on this one! And it's interesting that they've stopped putting apologies in the US section of their site.

  3. Only a year late guys, who cares about a years worth of libel anyway..


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