Monday, 6 June 2011

News of the World 'bombshell' explodes

On Saturday night, News of the World showbiz editor Dan Wootton had an exclusive to share with his 90,000 Twitter followers:

And if they missed that, he followed it up seven minutes later with:

Ninety minutes later, there was more:

Two minutes later:

And there was yet another plug one minute after that:

On Sky News on Sunday morning, Wootton admitted it wasn't actually a done deal - Cole hadn't actually agreed to go back - but he said 'all the indications are that she will'.

Did she?

Well, Wootton updated his followers today, without using his caps lock or the words 'sensational' or 'bombshell':

She won't?



  1. Is this man seriously a journalist? How in the name of all things sacred did he get such a title? What an insult to real journalism.

    Having spent a few minutes looking at his twitter feed all he does is idolise celebrities who are in favour and belittle those who aren't. He seems to do nothing but tweet nonsense. What a waste of time. I now he may be a showbiz editor, but seriously...he's like a 13 year who's been given a laptop and told to write about people who wear shiny things and pretend to sing.

  2. Is that Simon Cowell's hand I see disappearing up there...


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