Thursday, 23 June 2011

Express reveals weight-loss 'secret': don't eat lots of crisps

Today's Daily Express front page claims to reveal the 'secret' to easy weight loss:

The article, by Jo Willey, is based on some research - as so many Express articles are. It says:

A simple way for people to stay slim without counting the calories has been discovered.

Newly discovered secrets to easy weight loss. What are they?

the best way to stay a healthy weight is eat nutritious and filling foods of good quality


people watching their weight need to cut out fizzy, sugar-sweetened drinks


they should eat a lot more “natural” foods, such as fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and yogurt, while avoiding anything processed.


Bigger daily portions of certain foods were linked to the largest weight gains over each four-year term. Crisps lead to a 1.69lb gain every term and sugar-sweetened drinks an additional 1lb.


But other foods gave less weight gain even when their consumption was increased.

Vegetables saw a loss of 0.22lb per four years, whole grains a loss of 0.37lb, fruits 0.49lb, nuts 0.57lb and yogurt 0.82lb.


Exercise reduced weight, while alcohol added it at the rate of 0.41lb.

So those just-discovered secrets are: consuming lots of alcohol, fizzy drinks, crisps and processed food makes you gain weight, while fruit, vegetables, nuts and exercise makes you lose weight.

Thanks, Daily Express, for revealing those secrets 'just in time for summer'.


  1. "Without counting the calories... people watching their weight need to cut out fizzy, sugar-sweetened drinks."

    So do people need to count calories or not?

    "You don't eat any less... Bigger daily portions of certain foods were linked to the largest weight gains over each four-year term."

    Again, do people need to eat less or not?

    It's sad that even in such an incredibly obvious article (front page news? Really?) they can't keep their facts straight.

  2. Tomorrow's headline: "Water wet, fire hot" says leading scientist.

    Why in the name of Satan's underpants do people keep buying this crap?

  3. In a newspaper written by cynics to be read by morons, there's nothing surprising about this.

  4. Amazing! Eating lots of crisps make you fat. This astonishing revelation also merited a page lead in today's Times.

  5. What an enlightening and original article. Thank you Daily Express! For years I have been negelcting fruit and veg and instead wolfing down crisps and coca-cola. I was at a loss as to why my weight was spiralling out of control but now I have the answer. Who would have ever guessed? And just in time for summer as well.... (considering midsummer was yesterday).

  6. So what about all those promotions for cakes, chocolate, bacon, eating out, etc. the Express was doing a few weeks ago? Will they be issuing a retraction and apology?

  7. WTF?

    Daily Express relegate "1 MILLION CHILDREN PUPILS DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH AS FIRST LANGUAGE" to a little box headline and they go with...fruit is good for you?

    I'm no racist, but even I can see that putting the foreign language lie in big letters would have appealed more to their core demographic.

  8. Yogurt is processed by its very nature. Twats.

  9. do they have a policy for only using imperial measurements at the express? stick that, EU

  10. With regard to the million pupils who don't speak English as their first language - is this early data from the census? I wonder how many of that one million are native speakers of Welsh, Gaelic or (included in the census this year for the first time) Scots.

  11. Keep up the good work TW, you're a constant source of goodness.
    Ever so slightly off topic this, and it's a "red-top" rather than a paper but I had to blog about this which I saw yesterday:
    Just bloody dangerous that kind of image pedalling.
    Yours Ragingly,


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