Thursday, 23 June 2011

Woman crosses road

The Mail website's obsession with reporting on everything that Kim Kardashian does reaches a new low with:

A close encounter with a bus? Oh no - is she OK?

The millionaire reality star - who is normally chauffeur-driven - was pictured crossing the road in Beverly Hills while coming in close proximity to a bus.

While it's not clear whether it was in motion, curvaceous Kim does have the figure and smouldering looks capable of stopping traffic.

So the Mail website has bought some photo agency pics of Kim walking down along pavement and crossing a road. One photo has a bus in the background and that was used as the basis for an article.

Daily Mail Reporter then gives us three sentences describing her outfit. But before you think this is one of the most uninteresting 'news stories' you've ever read, they exclusively reveal:

Kim...also found time yesterday to indulge in frozen yoghurt.

And it was only a few days ago that the Mail's Charles Sale was criticising the BBC for a 'ridiculous celebrity obsession'.


  1. Head banging stuff. As you rightly point out the obsessive BBC bashing on the slightest premise is exceeded by this nonsense that fills their pages. And this is from the paper that decries excessive and onerous regulation and would dearly love (no doubt) to be rid of the troublesome (well could be, should be) PCC so they could indulge in more drivel, tittle-tattle, gossip, poorly written and unresearched and questionably sourced "stories".



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