Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Star turns joke into front page 'exclusive'

Today's Daily Star front page lead claims to be another 'exclusive':

It's a ridiculous, completely misleading headline, designed to sell papers using sex and titillation. The article was written by Jerry 'GTA: Rothbury' Lawton and it is yet another 'story' based on what someone has posted on Twitter.

But here's what Imogen Thomas actually posted on Twitter two days ago (that's some 'exclusive'):

(SSEA refers to Swansea, the football team recently promoted to the Premier League)

So, not what the front page claims at all. Instead, a jokey remark on Twitter is deliberately misrepresented as it is splashed all over the front page of the fourth best-selling daily paper in the country.

(Hat-tip to Jonathan)


  1. 'Celebrity' really ought to come with a caution: "What ever you say may be taken down, twisted round, distorted and used to sell newspapers."

  2. Another story about a Man United player and unfairness. It's unusual that the deliberately misled person isn't a referee giving Giggs a penalty.

  3. Could a newspaper be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act for fraudulently claiming a story to be "exclusive"?


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