Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sorry for what we said you did in a nightclub

The Sun, 15 March 2011:

Girl grabs bum pincher Aaron Lennon

Spurs ace Aaron Lennon is snubbed by club girl

CHEEKY Aaron Lennon is put in his place by a girl clubber - who squeezes his chops after he pinched her bum.

The woman seemed less than happy at the Tottenham winger's advances.

Witnesses said she turned on the 23-year-old, who goosed her as she walked past.

The reveller, in a short black dress, then turned on her heels and stormed off.

Another clubber said: "He jokingly grabbed at her bum and she went mental. He was gobsmacked and didn't say a word."

The Spurs ace, who went on to rack up a £15,000 bar bill with West Ham pal Carlton Cole at London club Merah, also failed to chat up a tattooed blonde.

Do you know the face squeeze girl? Call 020 7782 4104 or email

Aaron Lennon, 15 March 2011:

grabbed her bum = fiction she got mad = fiction 15,000 bar bill = fiction

The Sun, 3 June 2011:

Further to our article of March 15 ("Keep your Aaron") about Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon in a London nightclub, we would like to make clear Mr Lennon did not approach any strangers in the club, nor did he spend anywhere near the £15,000 we reported.

We apologise to Mr Lennon and are happy to clarify the matter.

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