Tuesday 6 October 2009

Mail wants you to check out a teenager's bum

The Mail is reporting that a school in Nailsea has been sending female pupils home because they are wearing inappropriate trousers.

Several girls have been told off for wearing 'too tight' pairs of 'Miss Sexy'-branded trousers, and ordered to buy normal school issue ones.

The Mail decides to illustrate the story with a picture of one of the pupils, 14 year old Alex Dalby, with her back, and therefore bum, to camera.

The caption asks:

Too tight for school? Alex Dalby models the ''Miss Sexy' trousers

Is the Mail actually encouraging readers to look at this young teenager's bum, and see if her trousers are indeed 'too tight'?

More disturbing still is a comment from Dan Wilson in Bath:

Seems like Dan was just the audience the Mail were after...


  1. It hardly seems like a big news story, either.

    I think the headline is written specifically to attract the pervy Mail readers, they can just scan it to read "girl wearing tight sexy school trousers," using it as their safe-for-work porn site.

  2. Agreed. If the story was about parents putting their children in the wrong colour trousers, the Mail would've left the story like the local-rag page-filler it was.

    The creepiest bit to me was that not only did the Mail photographer get the 14 year-old girl to model the trousers for the reader, he/she also managed to get her 13 year-old friend to model them too. Why stop there though? I doubt the reader could form a proper opinion unless he saw a video of the girls modelling them...


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