Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Polishing turds

Exciting news from Richard Desmond - he's just spent £100m on new presses for his awful rags.

Sorry, 'super new colour presses'.

Yes, apparently, the only problems with the Express and the Daily Star are that they aren't full colour. Who knew?

If Desmond had that much money to spare, why not spend it on journalists - something newspapers actually need?

The Express tells us that the new presses:

will be able to print millions of copies of our newspapers every night.

Given the Express' circulation is 668,273 per day, and falling, printing 'millions of copies' seems a tad optimistic.


  1. Meh, they're allowed to make a big deal out of this. The Gruniad did when they went full colour- though that was accomponied by the size change. NI made a thing out of going full colour too, when they shut down Wapping (and their other old plants) and opened the Broxbourne (and other) new plants.

    Really, the story here is Dirty Des being late on the bandwagon- the Mail these days outsources printing to NI.

    Wapping ceasing printing was something that managed to happen very quietly- despite 2/3 of the print staff being laid off in the process.

  2. Full colour Star and Express! My life is complete.

  3. *German* print presses?! What's wrong with good old British craftmanship? etc etc.

  4. Ohh Des has invested 100 million in the printing presses at the West Ferry site, that is funny how he makes such a commitment. Because in 2001 he wanted "The Telegraph" Group to buy them off him for 81 million pounds. Sorry I am boring, but here is the court judgement.


  5. Paul Thomas cartoons in full colour?

  6. Quite...
    You may not be able to polish a turd,
    however, you can roll it in glitter!


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