Tuesday, 4 May 2010

We should feel a little sad for Mail readers

Back on 8 April, the letters page of the Daily Mail included a debate about B&B owners and homosexual couples in the wake of comments by Chris Grayling.

Under the headline 'Was B&B ban on gays simply bigotry?' they published four letters, three of which supported a B&B-owning couple who refused to honour a booking by a gay couple.

'And I would say that's the majority feeling,' claimed John Garner from Cornwall.

But his intolerance was outdone by Yvonne Lacey from Rye in East Sussex, who wrote:

I have nothing at all against homosexuals: they are born gay and, if anything, we should feel a little sad for them.


  1. Bleeding heart homophobia? Ha!

  2. Hi, any links to these postings? Do the letter pages go up online? Sorry to appear lazy, but searching the Daily Mail website makes me feel quesy.

  3. Anonymous - no, the letters pages do not get published online.

  4. Cheers. Thought you'd enjoy this non-story from the Express:



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