Thursday, 27 May 2010

Predictable Peter

Angry Mob reports that Peter Hitchens recently boasted that he was able to see the future.

Yes, in 2007, he made a prediction about the make-up of the Government after the election and now claims he got it right.

He predicted:

  • A Labour Government, or
  • A Tory Government, or
  • A Lib-Lab pact, or
  • A Lib-Con pact

Brilliant! Next he'll be telling us that this year's Ashes will be won by England. Or Australia. Or it'll be a drawn series and England will keep the urn.

He added at the time that whoever was in power was going to be full of dodgy Lefties but, as Angry Mob points out:

Considering that Peter is about as far to the right as you can get, it also isn’t much of a bold prediction that whoever got into power would be – according to Peter - ‘in thrall to Left-wing ideas’...[he] considers pretty much everything apart from his own column to be evil left-wing drivel.

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  1. The winner of the next boat race will be either Oxford... or Cambridge.. or a draw, however it turns out he wont like the cox.


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