Thursday, 19 March 2009

Calais. Again.

Another day, another Calais story. It is once again becoming a daily occurance so the anti-immigration papers can whip up a storm over all the foreigners coming to take British jobs.

It's too small to see in this pic, but all the faces in the job centre queue are white - helpfully, one of them even has a Union Jack top on. None of the faces in the Calais line are white.

What you can see is the sub-head, where 'Benefit Britain' has become a proper noun. But reporter Macer Hall doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind what the story is actually about. In the context of the unemployment figures, it suggests a scare about job stealing foreigners. But 'Benefit Britain' makes clear the Express thinks they are all coming here to get live on welfare. So they are simultaneously taking jobs (they shouldn't have) and benefits (they can't claim)? Do they even think about the drivel they write any more? Don't answer that...

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