Monday, 2 March 2009

Racist bullying not important to Mail readers

Yes, yes, I know picking on the people who leave comments on the Mail website is an easy target, but this is particularly eye-catching.

An employment tribunal which is looking at racism in the Met Police heard that one officer said he'd 'bring down all the lazy blacks, one by one'. And:

PCSO Asad Saeed claimed inspectors allowed an 'apartheid culture' in which officers were sent out on operations in segregated 'white' and 'black' police vans. Ethnic minority PCSOs were also 'treated like dogs' and forced to spend hours standing outside in the rain at a police cordon while the white officers sat in the TV room back at the station, the tribunal heard.

Shocking stuff. Well, apparently not.

'Have we nothing better to do', says ymmot. 'Oh well, another payout coming', says Richard Brady.

Meanwhile, Feena's comment that 'this kind of behaviour is outrageous' has a favourability rating of -47.

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