Monday, 16 March 2009

Express touts miracle cure, ignores bleedin' obvious

Breaking news - the Express has 'Found: the key to staying slim'. Eating properly and exercising regularly? Apparently not. It's all to do with an intestinal enzyme called MGAT2, which when blocked would apparently allow people to eat whatever crap they want and not put on weight. Which begs the question - won't filling your face with fatty foods still cause other health problems?

It's another of those 'miracle cure' stories based on some very preliminary research. Hardly worth a huge front page headline. And read towards the end of the story, a quote from Professor Steve O’Rahilly, a metabolism expert at Cambridge University: 'much more work needs to be done before we can be sure that drugs designed to block MGAT2 will be safe and effective in human obesity'.

So eating properly and doing exercise is still the best thing after all...

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