Monday, 30 March 2009

Sun outrage at naughty stuff on the net

Today's Sun contains a story about the 'Pornification of our kids' - a survey that teens believe they should look and act like porn stars as kids find rude stuff on the internet.

The Sun decides to illustrate this story with a photo of a woman wearing black lingerie. Hmm. Even more inappropriate, the pic is cropped at the neck, thus giving the article a nice line in objectifying women.

The Sun homepage also contains a screen shot from the Adult Channel website, a 'meet all the entrants of Miss Scotland' pic fest and 'stories' which involve photos heavily focussed down the tops of Paris Hilton and Heather Mills.

The story has a totally unconvincing line in feigning shock, not least when reporting:

A girl of 14 says: “Guys are often into pornography because the girls have big boobs or they’re skinny or very pretty. You sort of feel you have to look like that to be attractive.”

Anyone remember when a girl who didn't have big boobs and wasn't pretty and wasn't skinny appeared on Page 3? No, me neither.

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