Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nothing to do with us, OK?

So the PCC has said it won't launch a full investigation into that issue of OK! despite 60 complaints. What did you expect? They have said they might reverse that decision if a complaint comes from Jade's family, but don't hold your breath. Why? Because that would assume that the family had absolutely no input whatsoever in that issue in the first place. And I for one find that exceptionally hard to believe. Max Clifford and the family have flogged off daily reports and exclusives on Jade's condition, have broadcast all sorts of private moments on her TV show - do we really believe this was all done by OK! on their own initiative?

The Mail reports Clifford was interviewed on Radio 1 (a tough one, I'm sure) where he said the issue was offensive. 'No one has handled Jade Goody more sensitively in recent times than OK! magazine,' he said, without any apparent trace of irony.

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