Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mail - like Heat magazine but worse

The Daily Mail website has taken great pleasure in the size and shape of blonde pop stars recently. First it was Jessica Simpson who was 'a bigger star than ever' and 'her now more relaxed approach to fitness and a good dose of her family's Texan cuisine over the Christmas holidays have caught up with her', pointing out, in case you hadn't got it, her 'expanding waistline', 'curvier figure' and her 'bulge'.

Now it's Britney's turn. After a comeback concert she was dubbed 'Bulky Spears' with a 'rather fuller figure these days.' So a young mother of two isn't in quite the shape she was when she was 17. Well there's a shock. But look at the pic on the left. Is that a 'bulky' frame? Of course not. Mock her for lacking musical talent or for lip-synching by all means, but this?

Now imagine a 13 year old girl, looking at those pics, and seeing comments that that is 'bulky' and in the tone of the Mail story, something to be pointed out and mocked. It's a worrying thought, but then the Mail has been doing this type of story for a long time. Maybe rather than its useless 'Facebook causes cancer' stories, it could do one on how newspaper mocking of a healthy looking woman's shape may cause eating disorders.

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  1. yes, I agree girls should not be brainwashed to look like stick think models.


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