Saturday, 21 March 2009

Preacher of hate updates

All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate, writes the Mail in its latest update on the crap coming from Choudary and Bakri. The problem is, I find it very difficult to accept the Mail's outrage on this topic, when it willingly publishes such purveyors of homophobia as Littlejohn and Hitchens.

Meanwhile, the Express leads on Fanatics in new outrage. A typically uninspired headline for a totally uninspired story. Omar Bakri Mohammed had delivered an address to followers in Britain from his 'bolthole' in Lebannon. But what he is said to have said isn't as 'chilling' or 'highly incendiary' as the Express makes out.

Warning of a 'fresh terror attack' on Britain has been done by lots of people - police, politicians - but that isn't the same as calling for fresh terror attacks. The Express doesn't claim he did, but the story has been written to imply as much.

He also supported the Luton protestors. And that's about it. That allows the usual rent-a-quote Tories - Mercer, Davies - to be 'outraged' and for the Express to run a phone poll about trying hate preachers for treason. Wonder how that one will turn out...

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