Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Richard Desmond - sick bastard

This is truly unbelievable. Just when you thought the Jade coverage couldn't get any more sick and twisted, who else but Richard Desmond proves it could.

This week's OK is an 'official tribute issue', 'in loving memory' of 'brave Jade', and containing her 'last wish'. All this while she is STILL ALIVE!

Is it a coincidence that the issue number is 666? That seems to sum up Desmond's deal with the devil (or is that Max Clifford?). He really should stick to his porn. The man is clearly completely devoid of any good taste or judgement, a vile cretin getting rich on a the back of a girl dying of cancer. How has it come to this?


  1. I feel the public are in a state of collective denial about all this. This is the same Jade Goody, isn't it? The woman who made racist remarks? The woman who was hated, loathed and poked fun of? Yet a swift disease later and the employment of a PR Guru has seen her be reborn as some sort of hero. Well, she's not a hero.

    It's like the whole Princess Diana thing all over again. I'm dreading when Goody finally dies... I may even leave the country to get away from the media fallout.

  2. I may come with you! Couldn't agree with you more - thanks for reading (and posting).

  3. It is very strange who the press chooses to worship, and why.

    I can't help feeling that Jade is not to blame in any of this, she is just raking in the money of the morons who buy these magazines.

    If I could get rich from simply being a bit thick and in the papers, I would.

    This isn't to say that Jade isn't racist / stupid / not a good role model etc, just that for whatever reason people seem overly interested in the lives of others.

    It is a messed up world.


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