Thursday, 19 March 2009

Why do they bother?

Hat-tip to Tabloid Lies for the latest hoax published with a straight face by The Sun. UFOs over London this time, seen in a photo taken by a builder who only noticed the FOUR UFOs days after the pic was actually taken.

The man behind the camera said: 'I didn't notice anything at the time because I was focusing on getting in all the sights.' Two things: how do you not notice four 'UFOs'? How come no-one else in the whole of London didn't seem to spot them?

Then just when you looked at the pic and thought - well they are clearly four ceiling lights reflected in some glass, The Sun tells us: Mr Burden, from Luton, Beds, said the lights are not any kind of reflection, claiming he took the picture outside with no office lights behind him.

Two things. One - bullshit. Two - if you were a builder on the 16th floor, why would you take the pic so the balcony rail could be seen so clearly? Wouldn't you go out and make sure that couldn't be seen? Or would you take the pic from behind glass and then flog it to The Sun for a bit of cash?

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