Saturday, 18 April 2009

Classic immigration scare story from the Star

Britain welcomes million Moldovans, declares the Daily Star today. Sounds like a definite statement of fact. But as this is both a) an immigration story and b) in the Star, you know it isn't quite what the headline says.

And you only need to read the first line to see the back-peddling:

Britain is set to be swamped by up to a million Moldovans after crazy European laws opened up a back-door route for them.

The use of the word 'swamped' is appalling, but sadly all too common. But notice how it is now 'up to a million'. In other words: not a million at all.

The Romanian President has said he wants to simplify the process to give citizenship to Moldovans who have family ties to Romania. It has not yet been done, and possibly, may not be - it is a reaction to internal Moldovan politics and it is likely the EU will have something to say about such a plan. But as Romania is an EU country, that would allow those Moldovans - thought to be a million - the same rights to travel around Europe as other citizens.

And of course, the Star is trying to sell the idea that when, not if, the plan goes ahead, and every single eligible Moldovan does seek Romanian citizenship, then every single one of them is going to head straight to the UK. Which, of course, they won't.

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