Monday, 6 April 2009

She's too fat! She's too thin!

The Mail was one of several newspapers that relished the chance to pick on Jennifer Love Hewitt when she dared go swimming in a bikini when she wasn't a size zero. The Mail referred to her having 'piled on the pounds', a 'curvy, cellulite-riddled physique' and 'imperfections' in November 2007.

By August 2008 she was much more to their liking having lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks. She revealed her 'new slimline figure' after being 'criticised for her weight gain' (I wonder who did that?)

In October 2008 she was still looking in 'terrific shape', with a 'toned' and 'fabulous figure'.

But the Mail is never happy. So today - 6 April 2009 - they suggest she has 'lost too much weight'. She is now 'skinny' with a 'tiny frame' (imagine that for someone who is, according to a Google search, 5'2") and, when out in a tracksuit and snapped by a pap, looked 'worn and tired'.

Looking at her arms in the latest pics, they don't look significantly thinner than in the October pics, so it looks like just another example of picking on a woman because of her weight. First she's too big, then she's too small, even when she's not that much (if at all) smaller than a few months ago when she was 'terrific'. For once I agree with one of the comments on the Mail story - 'leave the girl alone'.

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  1. I imagine you could substitute Jennifer Love Hewitt for a range of different female celebs and find exactly the same treatment. I still fail to understand how the Mail sells so well to women, unless they really are all bitches.


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